We integrate ideas, people, technologies to transform data into values
Creation Date: 1968
Via Fiume 16
60030 Angeli di Rosora (AN)
Phone: +39 0731 8161
Fax: +39 0731 814700

Enrico Loccioni was born in Marche region countryside in a family of farmers. He founded the company in 1968. The first 20 years of the company turn around the industrial electric plant engineering. In a few years, thanks to a group of curious and willing young people a new branch of the company was created, soon reaching the international leadership in home appliances and car components testing.

In the 90s the passage from hand-crafted company to a knowledge company is almost completed, first starting from specialized workers and then passing to people with diploma and finally graduated people. Since 2000 they have been giving the starting signal to new business and knowledge development lines.

Thanks to the challenge collected from the health care world, they created Humancare, the Loccioni team dedicated to the development of solutions for healthcare, nutrition and wellness, while ICT measurement and competence meet up on a new ground, the energy challenge one. The first 10 years of the new millennium see Loccioni transforming from knowledge company to a thinking company which develops innovation. Almost the 50% of collaborators has a degree, the Research for Innovation team numbers more than 40 researchers, the Marketing & Communication team explores new markets and cultural visions, Loccioni systems are proposed in more than 40 countries in the world, in the United States Loccioni Inc.