The Cluster Agrifood Marche Association (ClAM), is an aggregation composed of the 4 universities of the Marche (UNIVPM, UNIMC, UNICAM, UNIURB) and 54 local authorities including research centers, small, medium and large enterprises and trade associations , who work together to meet the needs of innovation along the entire agri-food chain.

CLAM was born in March 2015, with the aim connected to the research of the agro-food business world and the technical-scientific research carried out by Universities and Research Institutions with the support of the Marche Region, territory administrator.

The primary aim of the Agrifood Marche Cluster is to stimulate dialogue between the various partners to promote innovation and increase competitiveness both in the agricultural sector and in the entire agri-food chain, including all its components up to distribution and consumption. Research and innovation will mainly focus on the following topics:

Statuto Agrifood Marche


Quality, safety, certification and labeling of agri-food products;

Enhancement of local agri-food products

Development of innovative products in the field of health and well-being (functional and nutraceutical foods)

Sustainability and management of production chains including waste recovery and by-products

Supply chain organization

Marketing and internalization paths for regional and local companies and agri-food chains;

Applications of "Precision Farming" systems in the production process, ICT and new plants

New technologies for food safety.